Q12: Where can I buy spray equipment?

If you are looking for an air-assisted airless spray system both Binks and Graco manufacture pumps that have been used to spray CIM for over 25-years.

Ph: 888.992.4657
Find a distributor: www.binks.com

Ph: 800-690-2894
Find a distributor: www.graco.com

CIM can also be sprayed using a plural component spray system. The Graco Xtreme Mix Spray System will allow for the correct ratios for the CIM Premix and CIM Activator. Properly configured plural spray units and air-assisted airless spray units can be purchased through:

Attn: Dennis Dingman
14329 Northdale Blvd
Rodgers, MN 55374
Ph: 763-428-5075
Fax: 763-428-5078

Please refer to our CIM Instruction Guide IG-12 Spray Application of CIM for additional information about the correct spray equipment.