Q6: Is CIM suitable for shower pan linings?

CIM is an excellent product to use for shower pans. CIM adheres tenaciously to substrates commonly found in shower pans including, stainless steel, galvanized steel, concrete, fiberglass, PVC, cast iron, wood, copper and previously coated surfaces.

Unlike other coating systems CIM is cold applied and can be easily installed, It cures in as little as 4-hours. It does not require dangerous hot kettles or the need to transfer hot materials to location for use. CIM is also VOC compliant and has very low odor.

Advantages of CIM: All CIM products are UPC and Building Code Approved as a shower pan liner, Low Odor, VOC Compliant, Cold Applied, Easy to Apply, Stops Leaks, Chemical Resistant, Elastomeric, Cures Quickly, Impermeable, Abrasion Resistant, Easy to Clean, Easy to Repair, Expands Life Expectancy