New Product: CIM EMT Primer now available!

CIM Industries is pleased to announce that our new EMT Moisture Tolerant Primer is now available in a 3-gallon kit.

CIM EMT Primer Kit consists of the following:
CIM EMT Primer Resin – 2 gallon Pail
CIM EMT Primer Hardener – 1 gallon Can

CIM EMT Primer is a two component solvent free epoxy coating formulated as a primer
for porous surfaces such as concrete.

•Moisture tolerant. Improves adhesion to surfaces where a dry condition cannot be
•Penetrates concrete surfaces in order to help limit outgassing.
•Solvent free formula is ideal for use in environments sensitive to solvent odors.
•Can be used as an alternate to CIM 61TN Epoxy Primer.
•VOC Compliant.

Please refer to the Product Data Sheets and SDS below, which can also be found in the Product Library.

Please contact us at 800-543-3458 if you have any questions.