New Product: 4EvaSeal Tapes now available!

4EvaSeal™ is a one step, easy to use, repair tape that is available in a variety of different forms depending on application. Our tapes have the most aggressive elastomeric polymer adhesive on the market today. Once installed these materials form a permanent seal that is impermeable to water and water vapor.

4EvaSeal™ Tapes should be specified where a permanent seal is needed on the building envelope. Use the tapes in conjunction with CIM materials for the ultimate waterproofing system.

4EvaSeal can be used in conjunction with CIM for:

  • Sealing seams and joints as an alternative to CIM Scrim Fabric. Use 4EvaSeal Fabric Backed Tape.
  • Increased protection and improved aesthetic where vertical flashings are exposed at deck to wall transitions. Use 4EvaSeal Multi-Purpose Tape or Aluminum tape where an aluminum finish is desired.
  • Sealing between materials where a gasket or self-sealing material is needed. Use 4EvaSeal Double Sided Tape. The double sided tape can also be molded to fill gaps as well.

EvaSeal™’s original pressure sensitive sealant technology is so advanced that it bonds permanently to almost every substrate. 4EvaSeal™ is ideal for sealing gutters, skylights, flashings, copings, windows, doors, HVAC ducts, single ply roofs, RVs, roofs, campers, trailers, seams, and much more.

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