The World Trade Center Memorial Fountains, New York City, New York

The largest manmade waterfall in North America is waterproofed with CIM.

When it came time to select the toughest waterproofing system for the World Trade Center Memorial Fountains, the design consultants chose CIM. No other waterproofing could meet the performance requirements of the extreme environment present at New York City’s largest construction site. The waterproofing needed to withstand constant immersion in water, the effects of UV and day to day construction traffic, as crews worked to install the granite panels that make up the finished surface of the pools.

Once in service the waterproofing needed to be a permanent barrier to water, resistant to treatment chemicals used in the fountain water, and safe for drinking water. The biggest concern was the long term performance of the waterproofing. Below each of these one-acre pools are spaces that must remain dry, including the World Trade Center Transportation HUB (subway station).

The CIM waterproofing system was selected for many reasons, but the primary one was simple: these memorial pools cannot leak, ever.

The World Trade Center Memorial Fountains: During Application
Below are photos of the application process of the two memorial fountains.

40 100_1212
The future site of the WTC fountains. Lower void lined with CIM.

IMG00220-20100805-0725 100_1184
Inside view of the memorial fountain. CIM applied to inside of pool.

IMG00218-20100805-0710 WTC Site Visit June 2, 2010
The granite panels being installed. Overview of the fountain.
The World Trade Center Memorial Fountains – Completed
Below are photos of the completed site of the WTC memorial fountains.

The WTC memorial founains are lined with CIM and being filled.

WTC 5 New York World Trade Center fountain with rainbow
Overview of completed pool. Completed filled pool.

Sky line shot of the completed WTC Memorial Fountains.