Wastewater Facilities

CIM high performance coatings and linings tightly adhere to most tank surfaces, providing a flexible, elastomeric coating able to resist water and chemical attack.
CIM materials have been used to coat and line steel and concrete tanks for a wide variety of industries including wastewater, chemical environments and cooling tower basins for steel and concrete tanks and pipe linings, for potable water, chemical effluents, and cooling water.

For over 40 years we have led the way with our industry leading technology. Our materials provide excellent chemical resistance and an impermeable barrier making them ideally suited to applications such as interior and exterior tank applications.

CIM is capable of adhering to most substrates, is UV stable, abrasion resistant and can withstand substrate movement or thermal shock. Our products are often used in wastewater applications such as:

Aeriation basins Lagoons Lift stations
Oxidation systems Digesters Clarifiers
Digester lids Fire water holding tanks Joint and crack repair
Water cisterns Manholes

Wastewater Containment Brochure