Cooling Tower Systems

CIM high performance coatings and linings are two component urethanes that cure to form an impermeable, corrosion resistant rubber like barrier.

The cured lining is able to bridge over cracks, gaps, holes and seams and is commonly installed in distribution decks and collection basins, providing a corrosion resistant, impermeable barrier to cooling water.

CIM adheres tenaciously to substrates commonly found in cooling towers including stainless steel, galvanized steel, concrete, fiberglass, and previously coated surfaces.

CIM is not affected by water treatment chemicals and will not affect the water chemistry. It also has the advantage of reduced downtime as unlike other coating systems for cooling towers, CIM materials can be applied in a single application and may be placed into service within 24 hours.

Successful cooling tower applications include:

Packaged towers Collection basins Ice storage tanks
Chilled water tanks Field erected towers Joint & crack repair

Cooling Towers Brochure

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