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New Product: 4EvaSeal Tapes now available!

4EvaSeal™ is a one step, easy to use, repair tape that is available in a variety of different forms depending on application. Our tapes have the most aggressive elastomeric polymer adhesive on the market today. Once installed these materials form a permanent seal that is impermeable to water and water vapor.

4EvaSeal™ Tapes should be specified where a permanent seal is needed on the building envelope. Use the tapes in conjunction with CIM materials for the ultimate waterproofing system.

4EvaSeal can be used in conjunction with CIM for:

  • Sealing seams and joints as an alternative to CIM Scrim Fabric. Use 4EvaSeal Fabric Backed Tape.
  • Increased protection and improved aesthetic where vertical flashings are exposed at deck to wall transitions. Use 4EvaSeal Multi-Purpose Tape or Aluminum tape where an aluminum finish is desired.
  • Sealing between materials where a gasket or self-sealing material is needed. Use 4EvaSeal Double Sided Tape. The double sided tape can also be molded to fill gaps as well.

EvaSeal™’s original pressure sensitive sealant technology is so advanced that it bonds permanently to almost every substrate. 4EvaSeal™ is ideal for sealing gutters, skylights, flashings, copings, windows, doors, HVAC ducts, single ply roofs, RVs, roofs, campers, trailers, seams, and much more.

Please visit for additional information.

New Product: CIM EMT Primer now available!

CIM Industries is pleased to announce that our new EMT Moisture Tolerant Primer is now available in a 3-gallon kit.

CIM EMT Primer Kit consists of the following:
CIM EMT Primer Resin – 2 gallon Pail
CIM EMT Primer Hardener – 1 gallon Can

CIM EMT Primer is a two component solvent free epoxy coating formulated as a primer
for porous surfaces such as concrete.

•Moisture tolerant. Improves adhesion to surfaces where a dry condition cannot be
•Penetrates concrete surfaces in order to help limit outgassing.
•Solvent free formula is ideal for use in environments sensitive to solvent odors.
•Can be used as an alternate to CIM 61TN Epoxy Primer.
•VOC Compliant.

Please refer to the Product Data Sheets and SDS below, which can also be found in the Product Library.

Please contact us at 800-543-3458 if you have any questions.

CIM Training Schedule for 2013 has been updated!

San Jose, CA
Wednesday May 1, 2013
Classroom Training & Spray Demonstration will take place at:
100 Lewis Street, San Jose, CA

CIM Training Flyer: San Jose, CA

Placentia, CA
Thursday April 25, 2013
Classroom Training & Spray Demonstrations will take place at:
1700 Barcelona Circle, Placentia, CA
Parking at this location is limited!

CIM Training Flyer: Placentia, CA

Las Vegas, NV
Thursday February 7, 2013
Classroom training will take place at:
Holiday Inn Express
4035 N. Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Spray Demonstration will take place at:
Bryan Painting
2550 N. Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Spring Lake, NJ
Tuesday September 11, 2012
Classroom training will take place at:
Chateau Inn & Suites
500 Warren Avenue
Spring Lake, NJ

Spray demonstration:
CIM East Coast
1116C Industrial Way
Brick, NJ 08723

St. Louis, MO
Wednesday April 18, 2012
Classroom and spray demonstration will take place at:
Goedecke Company
812 E. Taylor Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63147

San Diego, CA
Wednesday May 30, 2012 *UPDATED*
Classroom and hands on demonstration will take place at:
Sunshine Supply Company
4946 Naples Street
San Diego, CA 92110

Click here to register

For more information regarding our training opportunities, please visit our Training page.

CIM 1000 Featured in DIY Yard Crashers

CIM 1000 was used to coat a backyard fountain in the Season 5 Episode 11 “Colonial Hillside Redo”.

The “Crasher” crew takes a unused backyard and creates a 10-foot brick fountain with metal basin. A 5-gallon unit of the CIM 1000 was used to waterproof and protect the metal basin ( some of our standard C.I.M. application procedures were not followed ;^) ).

For a complete guide for correctly mixing CIM click HERE.

For a complete guide for the correct application of CIM to steel and other metals click HERE.

Please contact your CIM Regional Manager or CIM Headquarters for information and instruction guides.

Click HERE for a link to the materials used in “Colonial Hillside Redo” or HERE for a link to the DIY Network.

New Coating Approvals

CIM is now approved by the International Building Code (IBC), Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and ANSI Root Growth Test.

For over 40 years we have lead the way with our industry leading technology. We manufacture a coating that is high solid and low order , bonds to a variety of substrates including asphalt, is VOC compliant, able to handle ponding water and is easily applied. CIM is ideal for use as a waterproofing system under ceramic tiles, pavers, vegetation or dimensional stone.

The new approvals give our coatings a competitive edge in more applications such as fountains, pool, shower pans, plaza decks, balconies, planter boxes and green roofs.

Check out our new approvals and see how CIM can be the right solution for your waterproofing needs.

Insulation of CIM under Ceramic tiles and stone.

International Building Code Approval (IBC)

Uniform Plumbing Code Approval (UPC)

ANSI/GRHC/SPRI VR-1 2011: Procedure for Investigating Resistance to Root Penetration on Vegetative Roofs

C.I.M. Industries acquired by Chase Corporation

We are pleased to announce that C.I.M. Industries has been acquired by Chase Corporation of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Chase Corporation (NYSE Amex: CCF) was founded in 1946 and has grown to become a global manufacturer of advanced protective materials for high reliability applications.

“C.I.M. is consistent with our growth strategy of expanding our products and services to high reliability coatings applications. Potable water and wastewater systems are critical to preserve a vital resource that will continue to command investment well into the future,” stated Peter R. Chase, CEO of Chase Corporation.

Chase’s purchase of C.I.M. is a very positive step for the growth of C.I.M.’s product line. We have immediate access to complementary technologies that will benefit many of our customers. C.I.M.’s recognized product leadership combined with Chase’s heritage of success will significantly enhance our customer, supplier and employee relationships.

C.I.M. will continue to be headquartered at our Peterborough, NH location and manufacture at our Houston, TX factory.