CIM Specifiers

CIM protective coatings can be used in a variety of different applications. Every project comes with a list of problems that will need to be solved and CIM can be a safe and easy solution to those problems.

CIM’s Coating Evaluation will help you determine if our CIM high performance coatings and linings are the right product to use for your application.

CIM Coating Evaluation

Construction specifications in standard CSI three part format are available to read or download as Microsoft’s RTF (rich text format) files which may be opened with many popular word processing programs. These word processor formats allow editing of the specifications for inclusion in construction documents.

CIM Specification

CSI MasterFormat 2004 Edition

Waste Water Systems Specification

Potable Water Systems Specification

Chemical Containment Specification

Below Grade & Between Slab Specification

Tile & Dimensional Stone Specification

Planters, Plaza Decks & Vegetated Roof Specification

Fountains & Ponds Specification