About Us

C.I.M. Industries Inc., part of Chase Construction Product’s business unit of Chase Corporation, provides customers with high performance coatings, lining, and waterproofing systems that make a material difference.

We manufacture high performance products that have been keeping liquids where they belong for over 40 years. During that time our products have outperformed other systems in applications including: potable water systems requiring NSF/ANSI 61 approved lining systems, wastewater systems, primary and secondary chemical containment, cooling towers, parking decks, roofing repair, plaza decks, water features, planter boxes, fountains, and many other applications.

Chevron originally developed Chevron Industrial Membrane (CIM) in the early 1960’s. C.I.M. Industries purchased the product line from Chevron in 1988 and currently manufactures all of its high performance polyurethane systems in its modern Houston, TX facility. C.I.M’s unique chemistry makes it an ideal solution for a variety of challenging environments.

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